6:30am - 3:30pm

monday - saturday

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Café La Fondita is a counter-service takeout taqueria with breakfast and lunch service (there is a patio with 30 seats for warmer temps). Located in the heart of industrialized Mamaroneck, NY, this Latin cafe serves authentic food, made-to-order, with produce purchased daily. The tortas are a standout, as are the steak and cheese quesadillas, grilled shrimp tacos, and tortilla chips with refried beans and cotija cheese.

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The idea surfaced as owner, Valerio Morano Sagliocco, travelled throughout Latin America to the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Argentina, and Panama. One trip at a time, he fell in love with it’s culture. The cafe is a tribute to the warm people he met, the beautiful scenery he saw, and the delicious food he tasted along the way.



"Why didn't I come here sooner?" — Hamlet Daily

"Fairfield is a modern day foodie's utopia. " — Village Post

"An unforgettable time that inspired a new relationship with cooking and eating. " — City Gazette

"No better way to spend a weekend than with good food and good friends. " — Hicks Globe